Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in it's thousands of years of practice is an extremely sophisticated system that breaks down the specific energetic and emotional functions of the human subtle energy system into an easily referenced series of organ centers and meridians (energetic pathways).

TCM also looks at the subtle body being comprised of 3 major energy centers similar to "Chakras". In TCM three of these "Chakras" are paid special attention to. These powerful "Chakra"s are referred to as  “Dan Tiens.”  Roughly translated, “Dan Tien” means “Field of Treasure.” The three Dan Tiens are, 

The Navel (Chi or bodily energy)

The Heart (Shi or emotional energy)

The Third eye (Yi or mental energy). 

According to traditional Chinese medical theory, there are 14 major meridians (12 meridians, plus two vessels to be precise), which connect all the major organs in our body. These meridians are all connected with each other and form a network of Qi. There are 365 accupoints along the meridians. These accupoints are where the acupuncturist inserts the needles. The meridians are like the railway tracks while Qi is the train and the accupoints are the train stations.

When a blockage occurs along a meridian, which maybe caused by an injury, build up of toxins … etc., problems will arise. We usually feel pain or numbness near the blockage. If the blockage is not cleared soon enough, the organ that is connected to that meridian will start encountering problems. Moreover, when the Qi level is too low, many of our organs will not function properly.

When overlaying the two systems over each other you will see that the TCM system relies heavily on the major organ venal system while the chakras are centered more around the glands of the endocrine system.

When working with the didgeridoo as a sound therapy tool, it is helpful for the client and practitioner to be able to isolate the organ center of any given emotional stagnation or chronic physical system. From that point cross referencing with the traditional Hindu 7 Chakra system enables the practitioner to know which key to work in to aid the client in releasing their emotional or energetic stagnation.

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