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Inca Cross
hand made in Peru from stone from the Machu Picchu region of Peru


The Chakana (or Inca Cross, Chakana) symbolizes for Inca mythology what is known in other mythologies as the World Tree, Tree of Life and so on. The square represents the other two levels of existence. The three levels of existence are Hana Pacha (the upper world inhabited by the superior gods), Kay Pacha, (the world of our everyday existence) and Ucu or Urin Pacha (the underworld inhabited by spirits of the dead, the ancestors, their overlords and various deities having close contact to the Earth plane). The hole through the centre of the cross represents Pacha Mama (Gia).

The cross has 12 points and legend has it that these points represent the following sayings, affirmations and life points I live I work I love The underworld The current world The upper world The cougar The Eagle The snake Dont Lie Dont Cheat Dont Steal
The four flat sides represent the elements Water Air Earth Fire.

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