didgeridoo session nh chronicleJoseph Carringer performing a didgeridoo sound therapy entrainment for NH Chronicle WMUR Channel 9

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"The image on above plots the frequencies against the relative magnitude of the sound of a didgeridoo. As you can see the strongest frequencies of a typical didj are in the 50-200 Hertz range (the two big spikes on the left) with several harmonics going up to about 1000Hertz. What is interesting is that the didj also seems to produce near infra-sound as is indicated by the small spike near 0 Hertz, especially if you consider that our brain waves are in the 2-20 hertz range.

The low frequencies have a noticeable effect on living tissue.... but many people have actually experienced definite healing effects of the didgeridoo
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Aboriginal elders have shared with me that the didgeridoo was played near sick people to help them heal, although I have not heard of any accounts of the didj being played directly onto the body in Aboriginal culture." © www.DidjShop.com, 1993-2007

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What is Didgeridoo Harmonic Therapy?

Didgeridoo harmonic therapy is a form of sound therapy. The term harmonic is used due to the broad range of harmonic frequencies that the didgeridoo is capable of producing.

The didgeridoo helps people to achieve healing results through principles ultrasound therapy, energetic entrainment and meditation through the production of tones that range from the ultra low inaudible of 0hertz to the 1000hertz (2-20hertz is the same frequency of human brain waves - see table below). These harmonic waveforms resonate in a similar frequency to that of the Sanskirt Om.

The tones of the didgeridoo effect the person or group on three primary levels. The first is the most physical and occurs through the production of natural ultrasound waves. Ultrasound used in medical practices has proven to aid in the relief of muscle spasm/knots, muscular/joint pain, and stimulation of bone growth in fractures and breaks. The natural ultrasound found in the didgeridoo is not a focused or precise source and may take a longer period of time to produce similar results as conventional ultra sound therapy. Didgeridoo based ultrasound treatments are 100% safe for people with metal implants unlike conventional ultrasound therapies.

The second way the didgeridoo effects a person is on an energetic level. Quantum physicists have theorized that the smallest particles in our bodies are not actually particles, but instead are sound-like waveforms that hold the larger particles and atoms together. These waveforms appear to have a resonant frequency similar to that of an Om (from the Sanskrit). One could draw a direct correlation between the universal tones of Om and our own energetic beings. By bathing our bodies in a cleansing universal tone we can realign/entrain and balance our energetic bodies, opening us up to a greater potential for healing and personal growth.

It has been observed by a wide range of holistic practitioners that the didgeridoo produces an energetic effect similar to a Reiki or Qigong power washer. The sound/energy waves produced by the didgeridoo effectively clear out meridians, Dan Tiens, or Chakras (TCM v/s Aruvedic orientation). This enables the person to release deep energetic and emotional stagnation that in holistic medicine is the root of chronic disease. It has been observed that the energetic effects of the didgeridoo have a lasting impact on the client and produces results similar to Five Element Acupuncture.

The third way the didgeridoo helps a person is to re-engage them into their own healing processes through the power of meditation. Sound is one of humanity's greatest healing sources for realigning, restoring, and revitalizing your body. This only becomes effective though when we acknowledge and allow it to aid us in practices like meditation. Meditation is the most effective tool we have in directly reconnecting our mind with our body. This in turn empowers a person to make healing a conscious practice. The didgeridoo is one of the most effective meditation inducing instruments on the planet. Through intent and inner peace we can heal anything that comes our way.

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In today's world, a never-ending chorus of unnatural, manmade sounds and vibrations surrounds us. When surrounded by the ancient sounds of the didgeridoo, your personal space becomes a clear and quiet moment whose sound is as old as humanity itself.

The most fundamental thing to remember when receiving any form of holistic therapy is that the recipient of care is the true healer. The power provided by this form of sound therapy lies in its ability to connect a person with his or her own healing potential. Release of traumas whether physical or emotional can transform a person's life and produce profound healing results. Ancient Voice Harmonic Therapy has been used to help people optimize their healing, with a broad range of illnesses: Chronic Fatigue, Fibromialgia, Stress, Anxiety, Insomnia, Muscular Pain, Headaches, Migraines, and Bone Traumas, to name a few.

auarapic2Didgeridoo Sound Therapy and Aura Photography

Aura photographs were taken immediately before and immediately
after a half hour didgeridoo sound therapy entrainment.

There a various descriptions and interpretations of what aura photography is capturing. In this case though, the difference between the before and after is unmistakable. According to Ramona B. Nault:

"In the before photo, she has green energy coming in on her left--healing and new growth. I think our energy bodies often know before we do that we are going to have a healing session, and the energy starts to come in. Overhead, her "essence" color that best describes who she is, is orange/gold. The orange is creativity (and she also has a very large orange area over her heart, so creativity is important to her), and the gold means she is really good at promoting, uplifting and inspiring other people. This color is also on her right, which is the area that indicates how other people tend to perceive her--so this means people see her exactly as she is. Her throat area has green, which means her communication and expression is nurturing to others."


aurapic1"In her after photo, she now has blue coming in--calm, peaceful energy, but also indicating her energetic body is more open and receptive to energy itself (taking in the healing energy from the session). She may find herself more in tune, more intuitive. Now she has lots of green overhead--a lot of healing energy has come in!!!! On the right, she's still showing gold, which makes sense as people still see her for who she is. But now there is blue on her throat area, which could mean the session, made her a more effective communicator, as well as probably more intuitive. The very deep plum purple in her heart shows the session helped her intuitive/psychic abilities to come out much more than in her normal state."

Also notice the difference in clarity between the two pictures. It as if her energetic being has been cleaned and the murky water is now clearer.

Click here to see aura photograph of Joseph Carringer and Nicole Salotti.

Aura photographs provided by Ramona B. Nault

Controversial New Idea: Nerves Transmit Sound, Not Electricity

nerve article pictureBy Robert Roy Britt
LiveScience Managing Editor

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"It was great! It started out as a really peaceful state-change. After it was over, I noticed that I felt changed. The whole next week, I could feel the tones still working inside me. I've been around, received work from, and learned from many various healers. Joseph Carringer is involved with a very powerful tradition, and he brings a special gift into it."

--Simon P. Ferraro Dove, D.C., Smoky Quartz Wellness Center - Portsmouth, NH

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