Joseph Carringer, the son of a military family, was born Wilmington, North Carolina in 1973. By the age of six Joseph had already lived in 5 states on both coasts of the United States. After his father retired from the Air Force his family settled in Nashua, NH were he completed his grade school education attending both parochial and public schools. After graduating high school Joseph attend Hawaii Loa College, Hawaii Pacific University and Syracuse University.

Joseph’s father and mother came from opposite musical backgrounds and passed those skills on to him. Eddie Carringer is a guitar, bass and piano player that can play anything “by ear”. Janet Carringer is book taught classically trained pianist. At the age of 6 Joseph began music lessons beginning with guitar and eventually moving onto saxophone by age 12. He played Saxophone through high school and performed in jazz, concert and marching band. In his early twenties Joseph had the opportunity to bartend at a well known blues club where was blessed to be mentored in the Blues from performers such as Sweet Roy Jones and KD Bell. He was also given an “on stage” education in Jazz from bands like the Rich Gardzina Quartet and Jon Paul and the Apple Heads. It was during this time in 1997 that Joseph picked his first didgeridoo and put down his saxophone. In 1999 Joseph was invited to sit in with a well known Jersey Shore DJ “Super DJ Ivan Gonzo” playing live didgeridoo based “breath percussion” to a night club DJ set. After that first gig he was hooked and has been playing the didgeridoo with everything from blues/jazz to electronic dance music ever since.

Joseph, with wife and business partner Nicole Salotti, hiking to the Temple of the Moon Machu Picchu, Peru - October 2005

Joseph, with wife and business partner Nicole
Salotti, hiking to the Temple of the Moon
Machu Picchu, Peru - October 2005

An entrepreneur at heart Joseph has successfully worked in multiple startups companies from eco fashions industry, advertising and design to the music industry. At the age of 30 while living in Portsmouth, NH he began exploring the possibility of using the didgeridoo as a meditative and holistic aide. After doing extensive research, Joseph opened his didgeridoo sound therapy practice to the New England Seacoast communities in January of 2004. 

It is Joseph's goal to help people realign their bodies' natural rhythms on a cellular level through didgeridoo sound therapy. He believes that through this work, people can achieve a greater sense of natural health and open doors for a higher sense of creativity and consciousness. He feels a deep natural connection with the healing of our planet and ourselves.

“The effect was immediate and dramatic. I could sense my brainwaves shifting to higher, more healing vibrations. I also felt all of my meridians/channels opening up and flowing more effectively.”
— Ed Hubbell, Licensed Acupuncturist, Fusion Healing Arts - Saratoga Springs NY