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The daily/weekly use of a meditation CD can help aid in relaxation and stress reduction. This can greatly improve a persons ability to reconnect their mind to their body for more effective self healing and connecting with guides. These CD's have also been used by individuals suffering from insomnia, anxiety, and hypertension

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Didgeridoo Chakra & Space Clearing Meditations - Soundscapes"Didgeridoo Chakra & Space Clearing
Meditations - Soundscapes"

Didge Therapy
feat. Joseph B. Carringer & Josh Harris

Double Disc
14 Tracks
Total time: 1:45

CD - $20.00

"Didgeridoo Chakra & Space Clearing Meditations - Soundscapes" is a wellness promoting CD set that is for everyone; from novice to the experienced healthy living seeker. This full length double disc didgeridoo meditation and musical soundscape set cultivates an environment of relaxation, creativity and healing.

Each of the seven chakra compositions have been composed to balance, clear and harmonize your subtle energy system as well as lift the energetic vibration of your surrounding space.

This double disc meditation CD (14 tracks) includes fully scored didgeridoo soundscapes and solo didgeridoo version for each chakra.

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The Bear Meditation Redux"The Bear Meditation Redux"

Joseph B. Carringer

Approximately 44:06 minutes, 1 track

CD - $18.00

"The Bear Meditation" originally recorded in 2005 was a single take didgeridoo meditation produced by Joseph Carringer at the request of his clients prior to leaving for his trip to Peru. Recorded almost by accident it was produced in a single pass while Joseph was checking the recording
equipment that he was to take to Peru for the recording of "Peruvian Meditations".

Now, 5 years later Joseph has discontinued the "The Bear Meditation" to produce "The Bear Meditation Redux".

"The Bear Meditation Redux" features two separate concert class didgeridoos in the key of D (same key as the original). 3 separate meditations were produced and mixed with sounds of a river and additional nature sounds from Yellowstone Park and The Rim Rocks if Billings, MT.

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Didgeridoo Chakra & Space Clearing Meditations - Soundscapes"Bourgeois Bohemian"

Didge Therapy
feat. Joseph B. Carringer & Josh Harris

Double Disc
14 Tracks
Total time: 1:45

CD - $20.00

"Bourgeois Bohemian" is a didgeridoo based world groove album that features the musical production talents of Josh Harris and Joseph Carringer on didgeridoo. Disc one of this double disc album is the studio versions of "Bourgeois Bohemian" and disc twois an album of live performed tracks from 2014 tour dates.

Purchase on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/bourgeois-bohemian-feat.-joseph/id953680316

Download "A Piece of Peace" FREE on Soundcloud

"Didgeridoo Chakra Clearing Meditations" - Discontinued

Didgeridoo Chakra Clearing Meditation

"Didgeridoo Chakra Clearing Meditations"

Joseph B. Carringer

Approximately 78:28 minutes, 9 tracks

CD - $18.00

The "Didgeridoo Chakra Clearing Meditation" CD is the third and most recent incarnation of Joseph Carringer's chakra CDs. This CD has been recorded using Joseph's complete set of individually tuned concert class eucalyptus didgeridoos in the key of each chakra.

The meditations on this CD are designed to be used in order as a full chakra clearing or individually to work on specific chakras.

Track 9 is a bonus meditation that has been mixed to allow a person to do a full chakra clearing in 6 minutes.

Track 01: Opening Crown - 2 min
Track 02: 1st Chakra (C) - 10 min
Track 03: 2nd Chakra (D) - 10 min
Track 04: 3rd Chakra (E) - 10 min
Track 05: 4th Chakra (F) - 10 min
Track 06: 5th Chakra (G) - 10 min
Track 07: 6th Chakra (A) - 10 min
Track 08: 7th Chakra (B) - 10 min
Track 09: Quick Clearing - 6 min

"Peruvian Meditations" - Discontinued

Peruvian Meditations

This CD also includes the bonus track Mi viaje a través de Perú Carringer's first musical release.

"Peruvian Meditations"

Joseph B. Carringer

Approximately 54 minutes, 6 tracks

CD - $18.00

All tracks on this meditation CD were recorded at sacred sites in Peru, including the Summit of Huayna Picchu in Machu Picchu and high above the valley floor, along the windswept walls of the ancient city of Pisac.


Cover photograph is the base of the Temple of the Sun in Machu Picchu, Peru

"A Piece of Peace" - Discontinued

A Piece of Peace"A Piece of Peace"

Joseph B. Carringer & Danielle MacKinnon

Approximately 76:31 minutes, 10 tracks

CD - Click to Download Free MP3 Version

"A Piece of Peace"is a personal and spiritual development tool that brings together several very different styles of meditation to allow the user to choose and align with those styles that work best for them. These particular meditations on this CD were created because each varies so greatly from, yet still compliments, the other. Additionally, each meditative piece has been audibly and energetically encoded to help the listener reach that sought after place of relaxation and higher consciousness

with peace, ease and grace. Danielle's voice and Joseph's didgeridoo playing combine effortlessly to create an exceptional meditative experience for all levels from student to master.

"Meditation on a " - Discontinued
Waning Tide CD

"Meditation on a Waning Tide"

Joseph B. Carringer and Steve Bachmann

Approximately 38 minutes, 4 tracks

CD - $15.00

Join Joseph and Steve as they perform a four didgeridoo meditation, on this CD, with the sounds of a gentle waning tide wave as it laps gently against the rocky NH Seacoast.

Recorded on location. Photograph is actual setting and morning. approximately 38 minutes.


All samples on this site are previews for private listening use only

Due to the poor transmission of low frequencies in low quality MP3
the didgeridoo sounds much quieter in samples than on the CD

Chakra Balancing & Clearing - Discontinued
chakra meditation cd

Chakra Balancing & Clearing Meditation CD

Joseph B. Carringer

Approximately 42 minutes, 7 tracks

Chakras are the energy centers that bridge the physical body with the spirit body. Connecting with your chakras will help you to master the life lessons associated with theses energy centers.

The use of sound to connect with these energy centers is an age old holistic practice used in different modalities such as Aruvedic Medicine, Yoga, Massage and Traditional Chinese Medicine etc.

The seven, 6 minute, chakra balancing/clearing tracks were recorded using a custom made wood and metal slide didgeridoo adjusted to each specific musical key of the chakras and is complimented with the toning of a metal singing bowl in the same key as the chakra.

"White Light Meditation" Featuring Eeta Sachon -Discontinued
White Light Meditation CD

"White Light Meditation" Featuring Eeta Sachon

Approximately 47 minutes, 5 tracks

CD - Discontinued

Eeta Sachon (Gifted Feng Shui Consultant and Energy Healing Practitioner) leads you in a healing "White Light Meditation" using a combination of guided imagery and breath work. The "White Light Meditation" CD leads into a powerful full length healing didgeridoo journey. Eeta then takes you on a guided meditation to connect with your highest spirit guides, to finish with a didgeridoo journey reprise.

"Voices From Heaven" - Discontinued
Voices From Heaven CD
"Voices From Heaven"

63 minute, 3 tracks CD - Discontinued

Track one features the voice of world renowned spirit messenger Dr. Vicki Monroe DN voicing her channeled meditation with didgeridoo background music. Vicki channeled this meditation while in South America on a spiritual Journey and it is featured in print in her first book "Understanding Spirit, Understanding Yourself". The meditation is a guided journey to help you to connect with passed loved ones or spirit guides.

Tracks two and three are solo didgeridoo meditations for journeying and self-healing to allowed for continued long term use of the CD when voice guided journeying is no longer necessary to achieve the desired meditative state.

This CD features didgeridoo meditations that were recorded and mastered to give you a three dimensional sense of the sounds of the didgeridoo.

"The Bear Meditation" - Discontinued
Bear Meditation CD

"The Bear Meditation"

26 minute, 1 track CD - Discontinued

One continuous track 26 minutes long, perfect as an aide to personal meditation, self-healing and shamanic journeying. This is a wonderful meditation CD that offers the perfect introduction to the sounds of the didgeridoo for a new listener or a deep auditory journey for the experienced. Recorded in the key of D it supports the lower dantiene or second chakra. This CD has been used to aide listeners in a wide area of personal needs from insomnia - stress management. It is also an effective journeying CD and works well for quantum and healing manifestation meditations.

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