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Individual Sound Therapy Entrainment's are a powerful tool to help people through a variety of personal health and growth issues. The harmonic tones of the didgeridoo help people to release deep energetic and emotional stagnation that has collected throughout a person's meridian system and energetic field. This stagnation can lead to both psychological and physical disease.

The broad range of harmonics produced by the didgeridoo (0-1000 Hertz) is done so in a similar waveform shape to that of an Om. Quantum Physicists are now theorizing that the smallest particle at the heart of each atom is not actually a particle but a waveform shape that resonates in a similar frequency to that of an Om. Through the simple principles of *entrainment the didgeridoo acts as a tuning fork for a person removing energetic blockages and restoring their energetic field on a cellular level.

The didgeridoo also produces a deep and effective source of natural ultra-sound. This ultra sound penetrates deep into a persons muscular and skeletal system producing similar physiological effect as medical ultra sound therapy. Some of the reported effects of didgeridoo ultra sound have been relief of muscular pain, arthritis, osteo-arthritis, headache, migraine, accelerated bone growth along breaks and fractures.

Prior to entrainment Joseph Carringer consults with the client to determine the nature of the session.

*Entrainment --The process by which the powerful rhythmic vibrations of one object are projected upon a second object with a similar frequency, thereby causing that object to vibrate in resonance with the first. - "The Healing Power of Sound", Mitchell Gaynor, MD.

Individual Single Session Descriptions and Rates

15 Minute Entrainment: This is session is used to direct the work to specific points on the client's body, where focused healing energies are needed. An example would be postoperative support after a knee replacement or chronic shoulder injury.

15 Minute Entrainment Rates:

1 Session: $40 (up to 25% off discount available for clients with financial need)
3 pre-paid sessions: $105
5 pre-paid sessions: $160

30 Minute Entrainment: This session provides an environment for the client to reach a deep meditative state where they can reconnect with their own self-healing abilities. During this session multiple different didgeridoos are played over the clients chakra system and there corresponding meridian points to help clear stagnation.

30 Minute Entrainment Rates:

1 Session: $75 (up to 25% off discount available for clients with financial need)
3 pre-paid sessions: $180
5 pre-paid sessions: $275

1 Hour Entrainment: This session is recommended for clients clearing deep energetic stagnations that have manifested in the forms of with PTSD, Chronic Fatigue Fibromyalgia, Cancer and other related chronic illnesses. It can also be used for deep shamanic journeying and meditation. Please contact for more information.

1 Hour Entrainment Rates:

1 Session: $150 (up to 25% off discount available for clients with financial need)
3 pre-paid sessions: $360
5 pre-paid sessions: $550

Individual or group sessions can be performed at a clients home, in a practitioner studio, outdoors or at an event space.

Individual sessions 45 minutes travel from the greater Portsmouth area will be assessed travel expenses.

For in home individual or group sessions adequate space is required. A 6'x2' session cot and/or yoga mat(s) are used.

Volunteer Work: individual sessions and group events are available for qualified charities and financially
challenged terminally ill patients.

Please see Krempels Brain Injury Foundation Spring 2006 news letter Survivor Chronicles PDF

"I thank you for the treatments on the parts of my body fractured, locked in place
and painful since my fall in 2000. The improvement of my hearing is astounding
as the bones of my face and skull move back into the correct positions."
--Sandra J. Tucker, L.M.T. Asian Body Therapist
Alpha Body Works Collaborative - Portsmouth, NH

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