Heightening Your Intuitive Abilities
Weekend Workshops & Private Sessions

The Spiritual Fitness Center
300 North Coit #179 Richardson, Dallas TX

March 9 - 11, 2012


Saturday, March 10th
9:30am - 4:30pm (break for lunch)

Heightening Your Intuitive Abilities
By Connecting With & Clearing Your Subtitle Energy Systems

w/ Joseph Carringer and Brandie Chrisman

Brandie ChrismanJOseph Carringer Black and White HeadshotWe have all heard the phrases “energetic being” or “spiritual being in a physical experience”, but what does that mean?

In this workshop you will learn how to connect with your inner voice of intuition. Discover how our intuition becomes stronger as we shed away emotional and energetic stagnation in our energetic body.

Join Joseph and Brandie as they co-faciltate this program to teach you to become more connected to your higher consciousness and the universal wisdom it offers.

Attendance for this workshop will be limited to a small group to allow for more one on one time.

Please use link below to enroll:
Registration $150 (before February 29, 2012)
Late Registration: $200 (After March 1, 2012)

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Individual Ticket Prices For Workshops on March 9th & 11th:

Brandie Chrisman Gallery Reading"Two Mediums and a Didgeridoo"
Gallery Readings by Brandie Crhrisman and David Scott

Friday March 09, 2012
7:30PM - 9:30PM

$45 per person

Join Brandie Chrisman and David Scott for a night of pure inspiration with Spirit to bring you messages from the Other Side. This event will feature a short didgeridoo meditation to center and clear the room by Joseph Carringer.

Didgeridoo Workshop
Didgeridoo Chakra Clearing Workshop
w/ Joseph B. Carringer

Sunday March 11, 2012
3:30PM - 5:30PM

$45 per person

This workshop is designed to give the paricipant the opportunity to effectively clear out energetic/emotional stagnation from each of the seven major energy centers of the body. It offers a brief overview of the chakras and the relationship between the subtle energy system and the physical body, followed by 50-60+ minute journey (8-10 minutes in the key of each Chakra) and time for question and answers. Joseph has a collection of concert class didgeridoos tuned to the key of each major chakra. This collection enables him to provide a meditative journey to reconnect the mind/body and allow you to journey within each Chakra.

The format of meditations includes:

- 3-minute opening meditation in the crown chakra
- Followed by a mediation in the key of each chakra

Participants are guided to focus awareness on each of the chakra regions as they come into the corresponding
mediation to heighten their awareness of the energy center and promote clearing while connecting with the
energetic body.

Private Sessions and Readings:

JOseph Carringer Playing the didgeridoo
Didgeridoo Entrainment Sessions
w/ Joseph B. Carringer
Sunday March 11, 2012

$75 1/2 hour
$150 1 hour

30 Minute Entrainment: This session provides an environment for the client to reach a deep meditative state where they can reconnect with their own self-healing abilities. During this session multiple different didgeridoos are played over the clients chakra system and there corresponding meridian points to help clear stagnation.

1 Hour Entrainment: This session is recommended for clients clearing deep energetic stagnations that have manifested in the forms of with PTSD, Chronic Fatigue Fibromyalgia, Cancer and other related chronic illnesses. It can also be used for deep shamanic journeying and meditation. Please contact for more information.

Session Length

Brandie Chrisman
Personal Reading w/Brandie Chrisman

Sunday March 11, 2012

$50 1/2 hour
$100 1 hour

30 Minute Mediumship Session: This session is a short, one on one, session of Spirit Communication. Brandie combines her Mediumistic abilities, love, compassion and heart to deliver a truly touching reading.

1 Hour Mediumship Session: This session is an intensive time of Spirit communication. Brandie combines her Mediumistic abilities, love, compassion and heart to deliver a truly touching reading.

30 Minute Psychic Session: Do you have a few questions that you’d love to get insight on? Then this is the session for you. Brandie will use her intuitive abilities to answer those questions you just can’t get off your mind.

1 Hour Coaching Session: Brandie’s goal is to help individuals find their spiritual Self. She combines her Mediumistic Abilities and her education in Parapsychic Science to provide an intimate approach to helping YOU discover your own inner power. She strives to show you that we are more than our stories, that we are the creators of our today. No matter what our past holds, we hold the key to today and beyond.

Reading Length

Weekend Workshop Package Prices

Package One:
$200 Savings $40

- Workshop Registration (3/10)
- Gallery Reading (3/9)
- Chakra Clearing Workshop (3/11)



Package Two:
$275 Savings $90

- Workshop Registration (3/10)
- Gallery Reading (3/9)
- Chakra Clearing Workshop (3/11)
- Private Didgeridoo Entrainment, 1/2hr (3/11)
- Private Reading w/ Brandie, 1/2hr (3/11)

Package Deals

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