2018/12/05 020 Didge Therapy with guest Joseph Carringer
The Art and Science of Sound Healing By with Thomas Orr Anderson, M.A.
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2016/03/29 - Intuition Ignition w/Kristen White
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2015/06/29 - To Infinity and Beyond "a BioMatrix Method Podcast"
w/ Carlos Perez DC
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2008/01/14 - John Holland "The Spirit of Sound"
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Episode: 2008/01/14 "The Spirit of Sound"

2007/03/26 - John Holland "Spirit Connections"
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Episode: 2007/03/26 "Sound Healing"
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Blog Talk Radio

Main Street Universe
w/ Jesse Nichols

Read More: The Didgeridoo "Sound Healing Tool"
by: Jesse Nichols

Gifted Whisperer
Angel Empath

Road Map 4 Seeker's

2014/ 07/11
Alive To Thrive
with Brenda Fraser

Living Out Loud

Reporting Live from the Universe

William Constantine

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