Group Didgeridoo Workshops

Perfect Balance Yoga and Massage  Billings, MT - October 24, 2015

Perfect Balance Yoga and Massage
Billings, MT - October 24, 2015

Didgeridoo Journey Meditation

This workshop offers an introductory overview of Sound Therapy and the Didgeridoo as it relates to Meditation and Journeying for the purpose of Self-healing and how to use it in combination with the concept of intension. It also includes a brief history of the didgeridoo.

A 45 min. group journey/meditation follows the lecture overview. The didgeridoo keys selected for this meditation are played for longer durations and chosen for their ability to support journeying, meditation, visioning and intention manifestation. 

75 minuets including 45 minute meditation and group sharing.

Didgeridoo Chakra Clearing

Introduction to Chakras (Ayruveda) and Meridians (TCM)

Joseph Carringer has presented on the effects of didgeridoo sound for the purposes of clearing energetic and emotional stagnation in the energetic body; to medical/holistic professionals, undergraduate/graduate students as well as wellness and healthy life style seekers.

This lecture is designed to give the participant the opportunity to effectively clear out energetic/emotional stagnation from each of the seven major energy centers of the body. It offers a brief overview of the chakras and the relationship between the subtle energy system and the physical body, followed by 50+ minute journey (7-8 minutes in the key of each Chakra) and time for question and answers.

Joseph has a collection of concert class didgeridoos tuned to the key of each major chakra. This collection enables him to provide a meditative journey to reconnect the mind/body and allow you to journey within each Chakra.

Participants are guided to focus awareness on each of the chakra regions as they come into the corresponding mediation to heighten their awareness of the energy center and promote clearing while connecting with the energetic body.

Approximately 120 minuets including an overview of the Charkra and Meridian system and 50+ minute journey (7-8 minutes with each Chakra note) followed by questions and answer time.

Heart Chakra Meditation - program w/ Himalayan singing bowls

In the contemporary interpretation of the Ayurvedic seven chakra system, the heart chakra is the bridge between your physical and spiritual being. It represents the opening of feelings, compassion, and the capacity to love.

This workshop offers an introduction to the therapeutic principles of the didgeridoo, didgeridoo sound therapy and gives a basic overview of the heart chakra and its qualities and attributes.

The didgeridoo keys selected for this meditation are chosen for their ability to let in passion for life, and compassion for yourself and will be supported with complimentary tones produced on concert pitch contemporary Himalayan singing bowls.

Approximately 90 minuets including lecture, 45 minute meditation and question/answer time and share experiences.

Chakra Immersion Meditations - program w/ Himalayan singing bowls

The “Didgeridoo Chakra Immersion Meditations” consists of seven, 11-minute meditations that are produced with guidance from the commonly accepted modern seven chakra system and their corresponding musical keys.

All seven chakra mediations will include unique extended didgeridoo meditations accented with chord notes performed on concert pitch contemporary Himalayan singing bowls.

The intention of these seven unique extended chakra meditations is to support clearing, connecting and revitalizing one’s subtle energy system.


- Introduction
- Seven, 11-minute Chakra Meditations
- Processing
- Questions/Answer

Approximately 90 minuets including 77 minute meditaiton and question/answer time and share experiences.

Embracing the Power of the “Mind/Body” Connection

This workshop covers the power and importance of the mind/body connection. Participants will then take a look at the effects of the Western lifestyle and how it impairs the mind/body connection from occurring effectively or in some cases at all. Discover the impact of stored negative emotion and energetic stagnation and how various blockages in different regions of the energetic and physical bodies can lead to specific illnesses.

Workshop Topics:

  • History of Mind Body Medicine

  • Examples of "mind/will power" to heal the body

  • The Placebo

The conclusion of the workshop will cover the importance of regular meditative practices and how to  use meditation as a manifestation tool for stagnation release and the maintenance of optimal health by participating in a 45-50 minute didgeridoo journey.

Approximately 90 minuets including lecture, meditation, question/answer time and share experiences.

Manifest Your Reality

We possess the power to influence, change and recreate the world around us. This workshop will cover how to define an individual's role in co-creating reality by stepping into their power to become more than just a “participant” in the world around them.

Program includes an experiential didgeridoo quantum manifestation meditation.

Workshop Topics:

  • The significance of “Reality”

  • Cross cultural ideas of Consciousness

  • Co-creating though intention and meditation

The didgeridoo meditation consist of a 45-50 min. group manifestation followed by sharing, questions and answer time.

Approximately 90-120 minuets including lecture, meditation and question/answer time.

Journey with the Chakana (Inca Cross)

In late November of 2005 Joseph and his wife Nicole traveled to Peru to participate in a shamanic retreat that included visiting a vast collection of Peruvian sacred sites as well as having the privilege to work with and learn from a diverse group of traditional Peruvian shaman, priests and healers. Many of the foundational lessons Joseph teaches on self healing and personal growth were learned and experienced first hand during this journey through Peru.

The “Journey with the Chakana (Inca Cross)” workshop invites the individual participant the opportunity to experience and explore their consciousness through the intention of meditating with the three foundational steps of Peruvian shamanism. Joseph will share some of the key personal growth and healing lessons he learned during his journey through Peru in 2005 and their direct relationship to the steps of the Inca Cross.

Three foundational steps of the Chakana (Inca Cross):

  • Uqhu Pacha/The Snake: Representing the Lower World/Inner Realms/Other World, death

  • Kay Pacha/The Puma: Representing the Middle World/Present World, this life and elemental spirit

  • Hanan Pacha/ The Condor: Representing the Upper World, the spirits of the sun and planets

Approximately 75 minutes including lecture, 45 minute meditation and question/answer time.

Collaborative Group Workshops

Sound Healing Yoga Class

This didgeridoo sound healing yoga class supports an existing yoga practice with the addition of sound to promote a deeper connection with the energetics of the body. The yoga class is conducted normally and led by a studios instructor.(*)

Joseph offers a brief introduction to the didgeridoo and his sound therapy practice. He plays a variety of didgeridoos throughout the class selected to support the flow. Sound healing yoga classes help open students chakras and/or clears energy blocks as they move through postures/asanas. Joseph stops playing during Shavasana, unless asked to continue to play for the first part of it. 

Didgeridoo sound healing yoga classes can be modified to support all styles of yoga from Vinyasa, Mysore/Ashtanga, Power, Kundalini, Yin to Restorative.

(*) Offered with an instructor from the studio/venue or organization sponsoring the class.

Acupuncture & Didgeridoo Vibrations

This workshop will take you on a personal, healing journey combining the Traditional Chinese Medicine practice of Acupuncture with Didgeridoo Sound Therapy.

Didgeridoo Sound Therapy aides in relieving stress in your physical, emotional, and spiritual body -- by including Acupuncture, your overall experience is elevated to an even higher level.

The combination of Acupuncture points and the Didgeridoos played will be selected to open specific channels (meridians) to promote relaxation and well being. Once the acupuncture needles are gently placed, Joseph will play a 45-minute journey meditation.

Workshop Topics:

  • brief introduction to acupuncture

  • brief introduction to didgeridoo sound therapy

  • question and answer

My Name is Deana Bacon. I am the Owner and Director of Counseling of The North Shore and Yoga Wellness located in Beverly MA. I am a psychotherapist and yoga teacher in private practice for twenty-two years. I have been hosting Joseph Carringer for approximately two years. Until recently his workshops have been private invitation only to patients and students of my practice.

Joseph’s sound healing sessions with myself and my clients has been profound in and some cases life altering. Joseph has had a major impact in opening awareness to my clients healing journey. Didge therapy has helped reduced anxiety in many of my clients. In addition, a greater understanding of how stagnant energy can impact the emotional and physical body. For those people who struggle with mediation, Joseph’s talent, kind, and soothing process during the worksho has helped many of my clients ease into a meditative state.

It feels so good to know I have an entrusted colleague that I can call upon to assist in my clients health and wellness! After every sound healing session, I have offered to my clients, I receive many emails and personal statement of great appreciation for inviting Joseph into my practice.
— Deana Bacon, Beverly, MA Counseling of the North Shore Psychotherapist and Yoga Wellness