The didgeridoo's sound is an effective tool in releasing stored negative energy and/or emotional stagnation. This natural characteristic of the didgeridoo combined with the sophisticated systems of subtle energy medicine theory from both Traditional Chinese Medicine (meridian theory) and Ayurveda (chakra theory) provide a high level of qi/pranic clearing and balancing. The most basic description one could give for the energetic clearing power of the didgeridoo is “it is like a reiki or qi gong power washer.” It has been reported that the energetic clearing effects are similar to traditional five-element acupuncture.

What Is a Chakra

Chakra is a Sanskrit word, meaning, "wheel." The chakras are "wheel-like" vortices, that exist in a three dimensional 360 spheres centralized and radiating outward from our physical bodies. A chakra is defined as a wheel, or vortex of energy.  There are seven primary chakras that flow through a human’s energetic body.  These energy centers are recognized in Traditional Chinese Medicine as Dantiens and are comprised of only three major centers that are interconnected through a series of meridians.It is through the seven energy centers (Ayurveda) or three plus the meridians (TCM) that vitality energy (life force, prana, qi) moves throughout our energetic system. It is our energetic body that is the foundation of our being and it is this energetic body that acts as the blue print for our physical body.

The chakras do not actually exist as “objects” in the physical body (they are actually energy patterns) but there are certain specific locations on the body, where you will place your hands, that correspond to the chakras, five along the spine, and two on the head. Each chakra also has a certain true color of the visible light spectrum associated with it—the intrinsic color of the chakra.

Perfect Balance Yoga and Massage  Billings MT - October 24, 2015

Perfect Balance Yoga and Massage
Billings MT - October 24, 2015

How does the didgeridoo clear a chakra

Chakras are said to vibrate/resonate in a particular key or note. The didgeridoo produces a broad range of frequencies that resonate with the internal vibrations of our subtle energy system. By playing a didgeridoo in the specific key of the chakra you are entraining the vibration of that energy center back in to an in tune state. This helps to facilitate the release of energetic and emotional stagnation.

How do the chakras and meridians correlate

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in it's thousands of years of practice is an extremely sophisticated system that breaks down the specific energetic and emotional functions of the human subtle energy system into an easily referenced series of organ centers and meridians (energetic pathways).

In Traditional Chinese Medicine three of these "Chakras" are paid special attention to. These powerful "Chakra"s are referred to as  “Dan Tiens.”  Roughly translated, “Dan Tien” means “Field of Treasure.” The three Dan Tiens are, 

The Navel (Chi or bodily energy)

The Heart (Shi or emotional energy)

The Third eye (Yi or mental energy). 


According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, there are 14 major meridians (12 meridians, plus two vessels to be precise), which connect all the major organs in our body. These meridians are all connected with each other and form a network of Qi. There are 365 accupoints along the meridians. These accupoints are where the acupuncturist inserts the needles. The meridians are like the railway tracks while Qi is the train and the accupoints are the train stations.

When a blockage occurs along a meridian, which maybe caused by an injury, build up of toxins … etc., problems will arise. We usually feel pain or numbness near the blockage. If the blockage is not cleared soon enough, the organ that is connected to that meridian will start encountering problems. Moreover, when the Qi level is too low, many of our organs will not function properly.

When overlaying the two systems over each other you will see that the TCM system relies heavily on the major organ venal system while the chakras are centered more around the glands of the endocrine system.

When working with the didgeridoo as a sound therapy tool, it is helpful for the client and practitioner to be able to isolate the organ center of any given emotional stagnation or chronic physical system. From that point cross referencing with the traditional Hindu 7 Chakra system enables the practitioner to know which key to work in to aid the client in releasing their emotional or energetic stagnation.

How Do Chakras effect my health

The energy centers in our body are like pools of water allowing energy to flow from one to the next as if they were connected by a small stream. Blockages in the flow of the pools can cause distribution in the natural flow of this energy preventing our vital organs the opportunity to have access to vital life energy. Over time this energetic blockages can begin to create a disconnect between the physical and energetic body leading to the occurrence of illness or disease in organs surrounding the blockage.By removing blockages within our chakras we are able to remove blockages we maintain our optimum connection to vital life force throughout our entire physical and energetic body.  This healthy connection to vital life force allows us to maintain optimum physical health and mental balance keeping us open to universal health and wisdom.

Illnesses Associated with Each Chakra Center

Because the chakra system is the central processing center for every aspect of our being, blockage or other energetic dysfunction in the chakras usually gives rise to disorders in the body, mind or spirit. A defect in the energy flow through any given chakra will result in a defect in the energy provided to certain portions of the physical body, as well as an impairment in the entire energy field’s ability to process energy—affecting all levels of the being. This is because the energy field is a holistic entity; every part of it affects every other part.

There are various illnesses and emotional problems said to relate specifically to blockages in each individual chakra center, and these are listed below. In addition, we will discuss which color will clear blockages or stimulate the centers. You can use these color as visualization tools when carrying out spiritual healing, or conversely use appropriately colored crystals, or actively suggest that the person wears a particular color.
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How Does Sound effect a chakra:

Sound stimulates the wheels of energy called the chakras. Over 7,000 years ago seers in Indian connected with Spirit and brought down the Bija mantras. Bija means seed and you can see the bija mantra as seed sound.

Each chakra has its own bija-mantra. A bija mantra is a sacred vowel to resonate with a chakra. The chakras affect health and emotions in the region of the body that they govern.  By using the correlating  bija mantra, you can stimulate the chakra to help heal the body, and the emotions to release.  

In traditional Hatha Yoga & Ayurveda, the seven Bija mantras associated with the chakras are: 

LAM (Lum) - for the earth chakra (1) 
VAM (Vum) - for the water chakra (2) 
RAM (Rum) - for the fire chakra (3) 
YAM (Yum) - for the heart chakra (4) 
HAM (Hum) - for the throat chakra (5) 
Sham (Shum) - for the third eye (6) 
OM - for the crown chakra (7)

Chakras: Locations, Colors,
Keys & Associations:

Chakra images taken from  "The Subtle Body" by Cyndi Dale

Chakra images taken from
"The Subtle Body" by Cyndi Dale

1st Chakra – MULADHARA
Root Chakra (Survival)
Color: Red
Key: C
Survival/Basic Needs/Grounding/Anger/Passion

The first chakra or root or base chakra is located at the base of the spine. This is a source of great energy and is the first of the seven chakras in terms of where it is located on your body. Your first chakra is associated with your connection to a tribal force and your sense of belonging in the world. Issues to do with one's family, religious upbringing, family values, and family belief systems also feature here. It symbolizes the physical plane of existence both the earth and your physical body. This being true, it's not surprising that the first chakra is known to be the source of self-preservation and survival. When this first chakra energy is disrupted, you may be more liable to feel alone in the world, be afraid for your safety, and feel disconnected from other people. You're also likely to feel ungrounded, lacking a strong connection to the earth or your body. Energetically, when the first chakra is disrupted you can feel you have no real "roots."

Red is a vibrant color that stimulates the body.

Too much red can overexcite and even cause anger. People with high blood pressure or anxiety may wish to avoid wearing too much red. This color can be used therapeutically for energy conditions associated with low blood pressure, inactivity, and impotence.
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Chakra images taken from  "The Subtle Body" by Cyndi Dale

Chakra images taken from
"The Subtle Body" by Cyndi Dale

Sacral Chakra (Sexuality)
Color: Orange
Key: D
Sexuality/Male-Female Energies

The second chakra or sacral chakra is situated at the base of the genital organ. It is associated with the element of water, is often called the sexual chakra, because sexual energy is believed to originate there. But the second chakra is much more than simply a sex chakra; it is the seat of creativity.

Sexual energy usually refers to an energy exchange between two people and so this chakra is also concerned with the nature of energy exchange between yourself and another (partner, lover, boss, family members, neighbors etc). This chakra is located at the sacrum, which is the densest bone in the spinal column.

When the second chakra is closed or blocked, it can make the entire person appear lifeless. A blocked second chakra can cut you off from your emotions, and you may feel removed from an interest in sexuality. On the other hand, if your second chakra is excessively open, emotions can sometimes rule your being, creating an unbalanced system overall.

Orange can stimulate the respiratory and nervous systems and bring joy, making it useful for depression or melancholy. It is associated with the sacral chakra, so it can benefit the kidneys and urinary systems. The sacral chakra is also related to the adrenal glands, so orange can help to balance adrenal depletion or exhaustion resulting from chronic stress or overwork.
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Chakra images taken from  "The Subtle Body" by Cyndi Dale

Chakra images taken from
"The Subtle Body" by Cyndi Dale

3rd Chakra – MANIPURA
Solar Plexus Chakra (Power)
Color: Yellow
Key: E
Personal Power vs. Power Over Others

The third chakra or solar plexus chakra is near the navel (lumbar or epigastric plexus). The third chakra is associated with personal power. People who are empowered have high positive energy emanating from their third chakras. Knowing that you can move things forward in your life in order to learn, grow, and live well is closely related to having a clear third chakra.

Individual charisma is also generated in this energetic region. Conversely, people who don't trust their own perceptions or feel confident in their own decisions may experience disruptions in this chakra.

When the third chakra is closed or blocked, it can lead to a lack of energy, fatigue, and a yearning to be quiet and shut down. During times when this chakra is blocked, confrontations with others can be very hard to initiate or even tolerate. It can often appear that the whole world is against one. Blockage can also lead to problems building and sustaining interpersonal relationships based on equality.

Yellow is associated with the solar plexus chakra. An imbalance in the solar plexus can manifest as fear, apprehension, introversion or power issues, which this color can help to balance. Yellow is associated with the intellect and mental processes. It can be used therapeutically for people with rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis due to its vibrational link to calcium metabolism. In addition to the metabolic system, the solar plexus affects the digestive system and is related to the eyes.
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Chakra images taken from  "The Subtle Body" by Cyndi Dale

Chakra images taken from
"The Subtle Body" by Cyndi Dale

4th Chakra  - ANAHATA
Heart Chakra (Love)
Color: Green
Key: F
Putting “Heart” into things

The forth chakra or heart chakra is in the region of the heart - its location is near the heart (specifically in the center of our chest and not over to the left-hand side, where the physical heart is located) and because of the emotions it is associated with.

The fourth chakra is associated with a gradual increasing of consciousness, as it sits between the lower three and upper three chakras. However, primarily, it is the center of unconditional love. When a person becomes disconnected from their heart and the emotions associated with this region, the fourth chakra becomes closed off. This often results in both low energy and shallow breathing. At times when you're feeling a fourth chakra blockage, you might even feel that it's difficult to breathe.

Emotionally, when this chakra is blocked, you're likely to feel wounded or victimized. Often this will be due to trying to work out past problems. People who have studied chakras liken this kind of chakra disruption to a hurt child inside of us, going over and over past scenes of hurt, trying to get closure on difficult events. If this kind of inner turmoil happens on an ongoing basis without relief, the overall effect can be a feeling of being stuck in the past. When the energy from the fourth chakra is disrupted, you may have trouble protecting yourself from emotional harm because you generally feel raw and emotionally  vulnerable.

When the fourth chakra is open and energy is flowing positively, far different feelings result. For example, you are likely to feel open, loving, and compassionate to those around you and to be very accepting of people for who they are.

Green is a color that can help bring balance to the body and help purify and cleanse. It is related to the heart chakra, so it can help with issues stemming from too much or too little self love or rejection.
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Chakra images taken from  "The Subtle Body" by Cyndi Dale

Chakra images taken from
"The Subtle Body" by Cyndi Dale

5th Chakra – VISUDDHA, Throat Chakra (Communication)
Color: Blue
Key: G
Speaking one’s truth

The fifth chakra or throat chakra is located at the juncture of the spinal column and the medulla oblongata, behind the throat. The fifth chakra is associated with acts of communication, including speaking the truth or finding creative ways for self-expression. It is located at the base of the throat and is often called the throat chakra.

This chakra is associated with sound in general. The meaning of your own personal truth is central to this chakra. The more free-flowing the energy of this chakra, the more you are able to speak your truth without fearing the consequences — or at least without letting external forces stop you from doing it. When the throat chakra is too open, you may talk more than other people would like and may not listen closely enough.

On a different level, this chakra is also associated with personal will. When the chakra is very open, your will can be excessively strong; when it is closed, your will can seem nonexistent. However, at times when the fifth chakra is in balance, your will is aligned with divine will. During such periods, you're likely to feel that things are going your way, rather than having to fight against the current in order to reach your goals.

When your fifth chakra is disrupted, personal truths can become harder to express. You may even become afraid to speak your opinions or feel unsure about what you might say. Issues of the will can also come to the fore during these negative times. For example, you may feel that when things go wrong, others are entirely to blame and when things go right, it's solely your will that created the success. Such exaggerated and absolute thinking is often connected to disruptions in the fifth chakra.

Blue is associated with the throat chakra and is responsible for strengthening the immune system against disease. It is also involved in improving communication. Blue can have an anti inflammatory effect. It calms and strengthens the voice, and can help to improve verbal expression.
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Chakra images taken from  "The Subtle Body" by Cyndi Dale

Chakra images taken from
"The Subtle Body" by Cyndi Dale

6th Chakra  - AJNA, Third Eye Chakra (Soul Travel)
Color: Indigo
Key: A
Seeing Clearly

The sixth chakra or third eye chakra is situated between the eyebrows. The sixth chakra is associated both with light and with psychic abilities. This chakra provides a source of inner knowing (intuition), as well as an objective reflection of how things are. By being focused on a commitment to the truth and flexibility of thought, people with clear sixth chakras usually have a sense of life's realities that surpasses usual conscious barriers. 

For this reason, the sixth chakra is connected with higher levels of wisdom and a level disposition. It also concerns itself with our particular vision of deity.

When this chakra is closed or blocked, you may have trouble seeing the big picture of events that are unfolding in your life. The truth of matters can be dwarfed in details, and you may become easily confused. At times like these, you can sometimes overlook the subtler forces in any situation because you're so busy giving attention to literal details. You may also find that you have a tendency to judge people and events pretty harshly.

Indigo is a very calming and sedating color. Indego is related to the brow chakra. It can help to balance energy when there is high blood pressure, migraine, asthma, anxiety and skin irritation. It is a protective color that helps to protect you during challenging times by strengthening intuition and insight.
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Chakra images taken from  "The Subtle Body" by Cyndi Dale

Chakra images taken from
"The Subtle Body" by Cyndi Dale

7th Chakra – SAHASRARA, Crown Chakra (Pure Consciousness)
Color: Violet
Key: B
Top of head

The seventh chakra or crown chakra is the 'Lotus of a Thousand Petals' located about four finger-breadths above the crown of the head. The seventh chakra is associated with thought it is also known as the Guru Chakra. It signifies our relationship to all things and the unity of everything. This chakra also symbolizes self-knowledge and spiritual consciousness.

It is located at the crown of the head, but it is connected with the entire muscular system, the skeletal system, the skin, and nervous system.

The seventh chakra is associated with a more profound spiritual connectedness than the other six chakras are. This chakra is the seat of higher wisdom and the energy that comes from it. The seventh chakra is thought to give access to the infinite intelligence that exists in the universe and is our key to opening the door to it. This chakra allows for self-expression on higher spiritual levels. When asking the question, "Who am I, really?" you are tapping into the energy of your seventh chakra.

When this chakra is closed or blocked, you can feel cut off from spirituality. At such times, your relationship with the divine becomes limited, and fears of the spiritual side of life can be magnified. Disruptions in your seventh chakra can also amount to the inability to gain closure on unfinished business. Such problems have the potential to end up as a real thorn in your side. Most of all, lack of flow in your seventh chakra leads to an inability to live in the present. People with blocked seventh chakra energy seem to always be either revisiting their past or looking ahead to the future.

Purple is associated with spirituality, being linked to the crown chakra. It can help when personal transformation is desired, and can also help to bring self respect and inner wisdom, which is a vital aspect of self healing.
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Chakra images taken from "The Subtle Body" by Cyndi Dale.

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