A healthy mind is the foundation for a healthy body

Dr. Michelle Thompson discusses the medical benefits of meditation and sound therapy. Joseph Carringer discusses the therapeutic principles of the didgeridoo and meditation.

Meditation is a simple and effective tool to keep your mind and body in tune with each other, and the world around them. Health care professionals agree unanimously that meditation or some form of relaxation/stress reduction therapy is a healthy wellness practice that can help to prevent illness and/or aid person in recovering from various forms of trauma and surgery or acute, chronic and terminal illnesses.

When you look up the basic definition of meditation it my seem heavy or inaccessible, though this is not the case. Commonly, people mistake meditation to be only something similar to prayer or reserved for heavy thought requiring hours or days of focused practice to achieve. Meditation is not difficult and in it's most basic form is similar to daydreaming.

When we give ourselves the chance to meditate we release the mind from the burdens of daily thought and turn it over to its most basic function. Here we engage the natural and instinctive sides of ourselves. Breathing becomes deeper and more relaxed, facilitating better oxygenation of the body, lowering the pulse and blood pressure.

We can also re-engage our mind/body connection, and directly ask the body to heal a particular injuries, ailments or organs. Meditation also gives us a chance to connect with the inner wisdom of our subconscious mind. In deep meditative or trance states, internal, external and universal wisdom's become more accessible.

We are surround by so many natural tools to help us meditate. Just look around at the natural beauty that surrounds us. Even individuals that live in major metropolitan areas can find pockets of natural beauty to reconnect with the healing energies of our planet. For those of us who need guidance there are workshops, classes, groups, and audio CDs that can remove meditation's mystical veil.

Journeying also known as Shamanic Journeying is a form of meditation, but is done with the intent of connecting with inner/outer guides and your subconscious. Many cultures have used journeying typically facilitated with a drumming or chanting, but can also be facilitated with other instruments such as the didgeridoo. In these sessions it is important to set intent to connect with only your highest positive guides and inner wisdom's. These sessions are also used to help people release negative energies and emotions that no longer serve a persons life.